Nusa Penida Tour

Nusa Penida Tour is an activity that you have to try when you want to visit Indonesia or when you are in Bali for vacation. This island is claimed as one of the most beautiful islands in Bali. It has the natural beauty with its unique view and maybe it is hard to be found at the other places in this universe.

However, you have to know that Nusa Penida Island is not only about the sunset, sea, and beach. You will also find the other amazing things there. Well, prepare your camera, swimsuit, and sun block then visit several world-class destinations in the Nusa Penida Island

Where is ‘Nusa Penida’?

Some of you maybe had been already known that Nusa Penida is located in Indonesia or in Bali, but where is the exact location of this heavenly island? In fact, Nusa Penida is an island that is located at the southeast of Bali. In addition, the island is just separated by the Badung Strait.

This island is also surrounded by some small islands as well such as the Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Nusa Penida Island is well-known for its marine condition, especially for several stunning diving spots where you can watch the exotic underwater creatures with its healthy environment.

Nusa Penida Tour: West Part

From: USD 50 / person
4.89 / 5  (76 Reviews)

The west part of Nusa Penida serves you with so many beautiful destinations such as the Angels Billabong…
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Nusa Penida Tour: East Side

From: USD 50 / person
4.9 / 5  (50 Reviews)

The Nusa Penida Tour in the east side is also so great! We will accompany you to visit the Diamond Beach, Atuh…
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Nusa Penida Tour: West & East Side

From: USD 53 / person
4.89 / 5  (151 Reviews)

This tour will make you are able to visit the destinations located at the west and east part of Nusa Penida…
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How to come to Nusa Penida

As one of the most popular islands in Indonesia, it is not hard to come to Nusa Penida. From Bali there are many fast boats that you can use to go to Nusa Penida. Those fast boats are available in almost harbors or ports in Bali such as in the Serangan harbor, Sanur, and Padangbai.

Those fast boats are usually departed from 07.00 am in the morning until 05.00pm. In addition, the other option that you can take is by using the traditional boats that also available where it will cost you less and this boat is departed everyday at 06.00am.

So, which side or part that becomes your favorite? Basically, this Nusa Penida Tour that we offer is designed with the best facilities to make you is able to enjoy Nusa Penida in a better way. You will visit the popular destinations there and get some instagrammable picture to be shared with your friends and to the world. That is why, make sure that you put Nusa Penida Island for your next destination to visit and we can say that this tour is just perfect if you want to enjoy Bali from the other side. So, are you ready for it?

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